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Casino Games with the Best and the Worst Odds

Casino Games

While some games are meant for earning serious money by strategizing and influencing the game, others are meant for mere entertainment that has very low chances of winning. When you enter a casino, you should set your goals right to choose the games. Get an idea of how much you can win from a game before you plan on playing it. If you do not have set goals, you are not doing it right. Also, know that every game in the casino will make the casino win sooner or later. This is called the house edge. If the house age is high, your odds of winning big also go down. To make the right choice, here is a list of games with the best and worst odds.

The best odds of winning


Blackjack is the most loved game among professionals that offer up to 49% winning odds to players. You can play against the house with a house edge of as low as 1% in a single deck game. Blackjack also offers players an edge to influence the game with simple math. If you can master the blackjack skills of counting cards, you can bring the dealer’s edge for as low as 1%.



Backgammon has a house edge of around 6.39% that can go down to 4.82%. It is one of the oldest casino games and is also played with dices. There are two general bets in the game called jump bet and out bet. The bet amount doubles when the shooter rolls double on the dices. Backgammon was also one of the first casino games that were introduced online and offered a very low house edge that automatically increases its odds.

The worst odds of winning

Wheel of fortune

You can find this game at the entrance of the casino to attract you to place your first few bets for quick luck. However, the wheel of fortune is a money minting machine for the casino with odds of winning as low as 26% in some games. The game is pretty simple where you bet on the symbols or numbers, and the outcome on the wheel declares the winner when the pointer lands on a specific number or symbol.



Keno is the game that no casino player will recommend you playing. It works like a lottery where you select the number on the card and wait for the machine to produce the same card to help you win. Although the game is known for turning the smallest wagers into big rewards, it has a history of stretching the odds to the worst for players. It is similar to slot machines that can take a lot of bets to win a single one.

Casino Games with the Best and the Worst Odds

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