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Our Big Box is of the absolute highest quality.
We want to bring back that awesome feeling of opening a premium package, so we produced these editions locally to ensure they were the best they could be.
You’re welcome!What would a Big Box be without a beefy A3 poster?
This glossy poster is twice the value! The Ion Maiden key is on one side, and a world map is on the other.The game itself is contained in a REAL floppy disk, specially modified to include a retractable USB flash drive. Slide the small metal piece to the side and find the USB connector inside.
The disk also comes with a USB cable.Who doesn’t love keycards? They’re the spine of every great shooter! We like ’em so much that we’ve included 3 in the Box. Matte, glossy, AND they include a special QR code. Where the code will take you, no one knows…well, we do, but that’s beside the point.A beautiful, classic, soft and slim mousepad with comfortable fabric on the front and non-slip rubber on the back. The mousepad comes in the classic size you might recognize from our Duke 3D and Max Payne pads back in the day!Includes the full Ion Maiden soundtrack on CD, the preferred audio format of the ’90s. Even better?
The CD doubles as the full game, so just pop it into your PC and start throwing bowling bombs! (Also includes a level editor!)Who wouldn’t want a 6” figurine of Bombshell on their desk? This figurine is sure to make all of your other desk toys jealous.Last but not least, we know you keep losing your keys. Worry no longer – 3D Realms has you covered with this luxury lanyard.
Keep your keys, badge, or disadvantage in a fistfight safely attached around your neck!

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